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Affording a Doula: Is it possible?

Doula services can range quite a bit depending on the geographical region and the amount of training, knowledge, and experience they have. The expense can seem a bit overwhelming at first; however, there are ways to afford it!

First off, you can ask your insurance company if they offer any doula coverage! As doula’s become more popular, many insurance agencies are beginning to offer doula care coverage. Give your insurance company a call immediately! You may need to make a few phone calls and ask to be transferred a time or two, but eventually, someone will be able to offer assistance!

Some companies also offer Health Spending Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Typically, during open enrollment, you can elect to have a certain dollar amount taken from each paycheck and that will cover your HSA or FSA. For example, if you opt to have a $520 HSA, you may choose to have your company withdraw $10 from each paycheck. When the $520 is split into 52 weeks, it makes it much more manageable for some.

Add doula services to your Baby Shower Registry! When the invitations go out for your baby shower, add a note that donations and gifts are being accepted for doula services! Family and friends always love giving gifts that are meaningful and useful!

Gift certificates are great, too! Ask your doula if they offer gift certificates! If so, you can let your friends and family know who to contact to make the purchase!

Many doulas know how expensive it can be to prepare for a new baby! Check with your doula to see if they offer payment plans! The majority of the time, doulas ask for a small amount as a down payment to block off the week or two before your due date, then they will allow you to make payments until you are nearing the end of your pregnancy!

Bartering is good! Some doulas will even barter services! Do you offer a product? Do you have a certain skill you share with others? Ask about bartering!  99% of the time, your doula will be more than happy to barter services!

Save your money! If you decide to hire a doula earlier on in your pregnancy, that allows you more time to save. For example, if you find out you are pregnant at 8 weeks gestation, and your doula asks for all funds to be paid by 36 weeks gestation, that allows you 28 weeks to pay for services. You could make weekly payments, or set aside as little as $10 a week, depending on the amount your doula charges.

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