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This blog is an informational blog filled with information regarding pregnancy and parenting. Our mission is to empower families through education and support by using evidence-based information. Our goal is to become a resource for all communities. “The Birth Chat” relies on contributors from all over the world who want to share their experiences and knowledge to better inform and empower families.  The blog posts included are based on evidence-based information, personal stories, and full of resources.

“The Birth Chat” is a spin-off from what once was Mississippi Doula (owner: Ashley Barksdale). Ashley’s mission is to provide information and resources to all families so they can better themselves, regarding their stage in life. If you are interested in joining us, please read the information below!

Contributor Benefits


The goal of this blog is to provide evidence-based information and resources, including sharing our experiences.  You will soon gain the credibility and respect of the birth community as more and more readers view your post and see the amount of knowledge you have.

Link Back to Your Website (FREE Marketing!)

The Birth Chat is built from a community of birth workers and we encourage you to include a link to your business website in each post you submit, as well as on our “Meet the Bloggers” page for our continuous contributors. As a matter of fact, a simple signature image can be used as a link back to your website.   In addition to your link, your posts may also be shared on all social media platforms we use.

Our Expectations

High-Quality, Well Written.  All work must be of high-quality, proving you have done your research and have shared true evidence-based information.  We prefer that you have a minimum of a 400-word count post, but it isn’t required.  We understand some information can be relayed better with fewer words.  (Google likes it better so it will help our website appear in searches more frequently.) Your post may be edited to enhance formatting or wording but our goal is for the contributor to submit a complete article so no extra work is needed.

Original work, only. Be open. Be honest. Be you. We ask that you submit original work only.  Copyrighted or infringement work will not be accepted.  If you would like to share a blog post from another blog, please send that directly to  To maintain an evidence-based blog, we ask that each blog post contains a link to the original source(s) where evidence-based information was found. (You are allowed to share blog posts you’ve contributed to other blogs but please be sure to ask their permission before sharing.  We will reach out to the original blog owner to confirm they have approved.  Some blogs do not allow their contributors to post on multiple blogs and that could cause legal issues between them, you, and The Birth Chat.)

How often should you submit work?  We ask that each contributor submits at least one post a month.  That allows us to have multiple posts a week to share with our readers. You are definitely welcome to submit more often, but please note, they will not be published immediately.

What topics should you write about? You are welcome to write about any topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting, as long as it fits within one of the categories.  If you do not see an appropriate category, contact us and ask for the category to be added.

Photographs should be added to each post. People love images and it’s great to use for sharing on social media. Stock images work great. If you do not provide one with your post, we will add one, no worries!  If you do provide one, please include the photographer information so they receive appropriate credit.  The image helps to share on social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest and more!

Volunteer.  As of now, this is a free community built from volunteers.  No payment is exchanged for any service.  This may change in the future, but for now, your contributions are strictly volunteered and we appreciate your willingness!

Social Media.  Although it is not required, we encourage all contributors to share posts on personal and business social media sites frequently.  This helps everyone.

You also agree to the following in conjunction with the standards and requirements set above:

  • You irrevocably transfer and assign all rights to your articles.
  • You will not receive compensation for an article now or in the future unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • You indemnify The Birth Chat from any potential legal liability/damage that may arise from your published articles.
  • You understand that all blog posts will be approved by the Editorial members before they will be published on The Birth Chat’s website.  If a post is denied, you will receive notification regarding the reason for denial and will be allowed the opportunity to adjust it as needed.

Ready to join The Birth Chat?

If you agree to the terms and conditions above, you may send us a message below!  You will receive an email with further information.  🙂

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