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What is a Doula?

Doulas are trained to provide emotional, physical, and information support for the mom-to-be before, during, and after labor!  Doulas offer unbiased and non-judgmental support and stand by the mother’s decisions according to her birth plan, whether it be an all-natural birth or a medicated birth, in a birthing facility or at home!

The Madriella Doula Code of Ethics

A Doula will:

  • Assist the mother before, during, and after birth by providing emotional support, physical comfort, information, and advocacy.
  • Assist the mother with writing a Birth Plan prior to labor and communicating these desires to the mother’s family and medical care providers.
  • Provide support during the postpartum period as well by discussing the experience with the mother and providing guidance in feeding issues, specifically related to positioning and timing.
  • Act in an appropriate and respectful manner.

A Doula will never:

  • Make decisions for a mother or family member.
  • Offer medical advice or perform any medical or clinical procedure.
  • Argue with a doctor, nurse, midwife, or other hospital staff.

The Birth Team

  • The doctor’s or midwife’s job is to serve her by assisting in the safe delivery of the baby.
  • The husband or partner’s job is to show her love and intimacy.
  • The Doula’s job is to meet every other need she has. Ice chips, back rub, position change, birth dance, music, taking pictures, hand holding, encouraging words, and most importantly, not leaving her side.

Basic Doula Services

All Doulas offer something a little different but below are the main services doulas provide:

  • Initial Consultation (meet the Doula, ask questions, etc)
  • One or Two Prenatal Meetings (birth preferences & comfort measures)
  • 24/7 Phone, Text, and Email Support (usually up until 1 week after delivery)
  • Labor & Delivery Support (Doulas are typically on-call from 37 weeks)
  • Feeding Support directly after birth (most doulas are trained in Lactation Support)
  • One Postpartum Visit within 3 to 5 days after birth (diapering, breastfeeding support, etc – typically a 1-hour visit)
  • Access to their Lending Library – includes several books and birthing tools!
  • Access to other educational courses; such as Childbirth, Breastfeeding, and more!

For more information regarding Doulas, visit these pages:

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