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Reasons You Need a Doula

A doula is there to offer emotional, physical, and informational support. There are many reasons a doula is highly recommended for a birth! Below are just a few of the reasons…

  1. SHORTER LABOR: There have been many studies regarding the length of labor with a doula-assisted birth versus the length of labor without a doula. In all studies, it has been found that having a doula dramatically increases the time of labor by more than 50%!
  2. THE DOULA DOESN’T LEAVE YOUR SIDE: Spouses need a breather, sometimes. Nurses come in and out constantly and they have shift changes. Doulas stay by your side during the entire labor process and up to a few hours afterward.
  3. EXTRA SET OF HANDS: The Doula offers back rubs, and foot massages, and can even feed you snacks so your spouse is able to hold your hand through every moment!
  4. LESS LIKELY TO NEED PAIN MEDICATION: There have been several studies proving that doula-assisted births have a tendency to reduce the need for pain medication. In one Houston study, only 8% of Doula-assisted births received epidural (Klaus et al., 1993). The less medication you and your baby have, the more alert you and your baby will be after delivery, which means bonding time will be much more pleasant!
  5. UNLIMITED INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT: Doulas are trained on all types of pregnancies and births!  They are full of knowledge and even if they aren’t sure about something, they’re trained on finding the research or the right person to ask!

If you still aren’t sure about hiring a Doula, find someone that has had a doula-assisted birth and ask them about their experiences!

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