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When To Call Your Doula

So, you’ve hired a doula to help you with your precious journey through childbirth but…when are you supposed to call for support?

Sure, your Doula said to call anytime you have questions or think you may be in labor but what if it’s in the middle of the night?  What if your Doula is waiting in the carpool line at her kids’ school?  What if it’s super early in the morning and you don’t want to wake them?

JUST CALL!!!  It’s ok!  I promise!

Doulas are on call to help YOU!  You are not disturbing them.  You are doing exactly what they expect you to do and need you to do!  Below are a few suggested times to call your Doula!

When You Have Questions

Whether you have questions about pregnancy, labor, or beyond, your Doula is your support system and your source of knowledge and evidence-based information.  A text, call, or email is perfectly acceptable!  Doulas encourage you to reach out to them when you have questions, rather than googling something.

After a Prenatal Visit with Your Care Provider

You should update your Doula after each prenatal visit so that they have the latest updates regarding your pregnancy.  These updates can be made via text, email, or phone call, whichever you prefer!  If your care provider has decided to admit you into the hospital or feels that something is wrong, please call!

Consistent Contractions for One Hour

Consistent contractions could be labor!  It is important that you call so we can discuss the length, frequency, and intensity.  Typically, a few contractions, while we’re on the phone will help me to evaluate where you’re at in labor.  If you’re able to talk through contractions, it could be early labor.  If you’re struggling to carry a conversation, you could be in active labor.  Of course, you should call your care provider first.

When Your Water Breaks

You should call your care provider FIRST, then call your doula!  It doesn’t matter if you think it’s a leak or a gush.  Your care provider and your Doula will want to know the color, odor, amount, and time (COAT).

Other Early Labor Signs

If you have an upset stomach, loose bowel, bloody show, or anything that doesn’t seem “right”, call your care provider FIRST, then call your Doula!

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